Louie's Tux Shop Prom Rep Program Louie's Tux Shop Prom Rep Program
Prom Rep Program
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Louie's Tux Shop Prom Rep Program

Thanks for being a Prom Rep for Louie's Tux Shop! By sending your friends our way during prom we will give you a chance to earn up to $2,000.00 in cash and best of all you get paid BEFORE Prom Night! Visit your store after signing up to pick up some scratch off's to make your job even easier!

Here's how it works:

Refer this many friends Get this reward
4 $25
6 $50
8 $75
10 $100
15 $175
20 $250
30 $400
40 $600
50 $800
60 $1,000
70 $1,250
80 $1,500
90 $1,750
100 $2,000
Note: To count as a referral, your friends must rent a tuxedo or suit with a minimum rental charge of $89.95 after discount and must pay for their tuxedo in full. Rewards earned will go towards your tuxedo rental until it is paid in full. Once paid any additional money earned will be paid by check and will be available for pickup at your specified Louie's Tux Shop location on the Thursday before prom.